Zoning Ordinance Text Amendment and Solar Ordinance Huron Township

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Zoning Ordinance Text Amendment
and Solar Ordinance
Huron Township, Huron County, Michigan
Text Amendments and Solar Ordinance to amend
the Zoning Ordinance of Huron Township adopted on
October 15, 2018 pursuance to provisions of Public Act
110 of 2006, being the Michigan Zoning Enabling Act, as

The Huron Township Board, Huron County, State of
Michigan hereby ordains the adoption of the following
text amendments: 14.03, 4, 9, 22.06, 5, 9.02, 15.02, 5d,
1, d,15.02 5, d, 3, b, v, 15.02 5, d, 3, c, i, 15.02 5, d, 3,
c, iii, 15.02 5, d, 3, d, and 16.12 D along with Section
XIV Large Solar Energy System which may be viewed at
the Township Hall at 7951 Pioneer Drive, Port Hope, MI,
48468 or at WWWhurontownship-thumbofmi.com

William Haas Chairman Kim Uridge Clerk

Date of Adoption by the Township Board:
October 15, 2018
Date of Publication: October 25, 2018
Date text Amendments and Solar Ordinance take effect:
November 1, 2018

I, Kim Uridge, clerk of Huron Township Board do hereby
certify the forgoing is a true and complete copy of the
resolution adopted by the Board and is part of the Board

Kim Uridge Clerk
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